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Property Improvements to Match Existing Home

The value of selecting the right General Contractor cannot be overstated. They should be more than just a skilled professional; they should be seen as an extension of your family, as they will be actively present on your property throughout the project’s duration. Trusting that the Contractor has your best interests at heart and understands how you utilize your property is vital to minimizing disruptions and ensuring a positive impact on your daily life.

Choosing the Right General Contractor: Building Trust, Safeguarding, and Seamless Integration

Selecting the perfect General Contractor for your project is crucial, and it’s essential to establish a strong foundation of trust. You need to be confident that the contractor will not only enhance your property but also safeguard it as if it were their own during the entire building process. Additionally, a vital skill required for this project was the ability to seamlessly match the new structures with the existing ones, down to the finest details and color.

This project successfully fulfilled all the client’s requests of problem-solving, avoiding any harm to plantings, and seamlessly integrating the new elements with the existing landscape. The expansion of the existing footprint was skillfully executed, with the addition of a garden planting shed and well-crafted terraced planting beds that extended the original landscaping ideas. The threefold project requirements were achieved with precision: building new structures to perfectly match the old ones, engineering solutions to protect the property from their pets, and ensuring seamless harmony between the new and original installations.

The unique challenge presented by the terrain and property slope was met with creative terraced solutions, offering protection for the client’s pets through the construction of a considerable amount of fencing, gates, Hog Fencing, stairs with railings, and more.

An invaluable aspect of the project was the foresight of the clients to keep the original paint cans. Did you think about archiving of your paint choices? This enabled me to accurately match the color, even after decades between the installs, resulting in a visually pleasing and cohesive outcome.

Throughout the project, as their Contractor, I was entrusted with entering the property, not just when the clients were sleeping but also when they were not present—accessing their security gate and other features. As physicians, the couple required minimal chaos in their lives, making the Contractor’s reliability and professionalism even more critical. The congestion issues around limited property access and parking were efficiently managed to ensure a smooth workflow, and the safety of the pets was closely monitored.

This expansion was completed, and I next moved to repair the existing IPE WOOD bridge over their water feature. Once again, the idea was to repair and restore, ensuring the work was a seamless integration.


What project would you love to entrust to just the right contractor? I would love to chat about your goals.

~Nick Felkey
Independent Contractor Kitsap County