Short Term Rental Solutions

Smart but smart ideas from a Superhost

With Superhost status under our belt, my team and I feel comfortable sharing a few small but mighty ideas with others running short-term rentals.  The primary one is a digital lock. 

Take it from this Superhost and professional property manager: the best investment you can make when running a rental property is a digital keypad with remote locking. 

Image this. You’re abroad (yes, this really happened to a client) only to receive a text that your short-term rental guests have locked the keys inside. Successfully locking themselves out of the space.  In this client’s case, she had the ability to reach out to my team, who arrived on the property with the spare key.

Moving forward, the fix was approved and instantly installed. I set up a remote keyless entry pad in about an hour. Project budget 450.00. Long-term benefits. PRICELESS.

Not only can you rekey the door when you need to lock out unwanted returns to the property, but you can rekey the code from anywhere if, for some reason, the originally shared access fails.  My preference is a keypad system that crafts a new code for every guest while allowing the host and oversight team to share constant code, eliminating the need to share updated access with crew on property frequently.  An easy-to-install app on your phone runs the whole security friction-free from anywhere.

Additional benefits are the ability to monitor the arrival and exit of guests. Knowing that your intended guests have arrived as expected allows you to send a welcome message. Knowing when they have departed allows you to send the cleaning crew for those dates when turnover is the same day. 

The short-term rental market has become over-saturated, resulting in even the hottest markets having to deal with languishing spaces. Running your rental as a real business with cleaning checklists, a clear marketing plan, time-saving tips and strategies will not only ensure you continue to thrive but reach and maintain that coveted Superhost status. 

An added benefit of having a team to manage your investment is the fresh set of eyes. When I walk a property, my contractor’s mind scans for deferred maintenance. Potential issues and safety concerns. My on-property team scans for areas of improvement and or areas of impact from previous guests. This allows us to alert the property owners of any issues as soon as they occur.