General Rates

At JD Construction We Take Our Work Seriously

Whether you are a large – or small-sized client, commercial or residential, our goal is to provide top-quality work on time and on budget.

JD Construction is dedicated to delivering high-quality work with attention to detail.

As your General Contractor, I will

  • Evaluate each project for cost-effectiveness.
  • Complete work in a timely manner.
  • Create as little disruption as possible.
  • Take great care to protect your business, investment, or personal space.
  • Respect your privacy and personal belongings.
  • Plan all work to be done around your schedule.
  • Always return phone calls and emails.

Home Maintenance or repair is $ @75.00 – 110.00 per hour plus materials. Due to the current climate of supply and demand issues and the impact of erratic material costs, all projects of scale are offered at the rate of Time and Materials—proposals for larger projects upon request. Proposals do not equate to a hard bid.

  • Before any work begins, we establish a clear start and completion date to ensure meeting all deadlines. If a maintenance project, we identify recurring dates/tasks and determine an ongoing schedule/plan.

  • Scheduling is based on your specific needs with consideration to what you want to be done, how the work will be accomplished, and your completion/maintenance timeframe. Our work is often finished ahead of the scheduled completion date